Punk Rock

Spring 2017

Co-Director  Julianna Garber

Co-Director Eli van der Rijn 
Stage Manager  Jessa Mellea  
Costume Design  Sinead Chang  
Crew Director  Kyle McCracken  
Crew  Elaine Wan

Crew Veronique Plamondon 

THe Complete works of william shakespeare (abridged)

Fall 2017

As with any show, it takes a village. Below are just a few of the amazing people who helped this show get on its feet.
Bonnie Fought, Jon Garber, and Joan and Brian Mellea, for your tireless support of Upstage Theater. You have been here since the beginning and never cease to assist in every way you can. We would be nowhere without your support, and for that, we are incredibly thankful. To the Castilleja Costume Department and the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, for helping our wonderful actors look… like they have costumes. To the MVCPA, your amazing space provides such a wonderful experience for our actors, and you never fail to make us feel at home here. 
To our marvelous cast, your work on this show has been astounding. Each of your characters has bloomed and developed marvelously through this rehearsal process. Parents of the cast, for lending us your wonderful children. They make every rehearsal a wonderful adventure, and never fail to put themselves out there. In a show like this, that is a director’s dream, and we thank you for raising these wonderful, risk-taking children. To all of you for coming out to support Upstage. Without you, these shows could never go on, and the encouragement each of you brings to every show is what keeps Upstage up and running.
Your team,
     Eli van der Rijn, Jessa Mellea, and Julianna Garber

Rosie Asmar

Louis Blachman

Quincy Shaindlin

Erica Trautman

Gina White