This production comes from a lot of hard work and love. So we have a few people to thank before we begin the show.
To Dan Shaindlin, our mentor in creating this endeavor, you helped us get this entire group started, you supported us every step of the way, and we cannot thank you properly enough!
To the Mellea family, for granting us the space to work on creating a show beyond the potential it had in our dreams!
To the parents and families of our cast. Without your support, these kids would never have been as incredible and phenomenal for us to work with. 
To all our donors for helping us get on our feet and continue to pursue our passions.
To the Garber family, for allowing us to begin this journey last year, and supporting us through until now. Your undying support is what allows us to continue doing what we are doing, and we would be nowhere without you. 

and last, but never least, 
To all of you. Without you all coming to our shows we would never be able to continue following our dreams through creating these shows. You bring the wonderful opportunity to everyone involved with this theater to continue coming back. You're the reason we can continue our group, and that means the world.

Director  Julianna Garber  
Stage Manager  Jessa Mellea  
Assistant Director  Nico Poler  
Costume Design  Sinead Chang  
Crew Director  Kyle McCracken  
Prop Master  Tilman Voorsanger  
Crew  Elaine Wan 

Punk Rock

Spring 2017


Punk ROck

Fall 2016

William Carlisle  Kaizen Betts-LaCroix  
Lilly Cahill  
Veronique Plamondon  
Nicholas Chatman
 Ethan Walker  
Bennett Francis  
Ethan Dowsett  
Cissy Franks  
Caity Redfern  
Chadwick Meade  
Robert Vetter  
Tanya Gleason
 India Phills  
Dr. Harvey / Lucy  
Anoushka Sharma