Melchior Gabor  Matthew McCoy  
Moritz Stiefel  Bryce Stephens  
Wendla Bergmann  Celia Reddoch  
Ilse Neumann  Rosie Asmar  
Martha Bessell  Veronique Plamondon  
Hänschen Rilow  Niall Sulcer  
Ernst Röbel  Eli Melmon  
Otto Lämmermeier  Quincy
Georg Zirschnitz  Will Nadan  
Fredrich  Kaizen Betts-LaCroix  
Hermann  Em Woods  
Thea  Lucy Beames  
Anna  Makena Reynolds  
Greta  Erica Trautman  
Mariana Wheelan  Nina Grigg  
Adult Men  Ethan Dowsett  
Adult Women  Emily Liberatore  

Upstage would never have reached the point we have today without the incredible assistance of so many people and organizations. We would like to thank every person who helped. Below we would like to extend a few special thank yous:
 - To Donna Brown and Emily Lew for their assistance in finding costumes for the show.
- To Castilleja Theater Department for helping us bring this show to life. From costumes to props and so much more, your open arms have helped us create the world of this show so much more fully.
- To Bob Mitton for providing set and lighting assistance, bringing the color of the stage to life.
- To the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts and the Mountain View Performing Arts Committee for their support and for allowing us to use their amazing space.
- To the City Sunnyvale and the Sunnyvale Community Players for your incredible generosity with costumes and props.
- To our wonderful Assistant Director, Louis Blachman.
- To Daniel Shaindlin, exceptional mentor, for his undying support and help through our entire process.
- To Joan and Brian Mellea for giving us your time, your house, and so much help in creating a safe, productive space for Upstage to function.  
- To Bonnie Fought and Jon Garber for their help in every aspect of this production - from legal documents, to rides, to set building.
- To our great tech team for coming in and bringing this show to life. You created a dynamic world we could never have imagined.
- To our dedicated cast for their hard work, positive attitude, and most importantly, for making this a wonderful and fun process.
- To the parents of all the students involved in this show for their support of their children and of our company during this production.

Punk Rock

Spring 2017

Director  Julianna Garber  
Stage Manager  Jessa Mellea  
Assistant Director  Louis Blachman  
Choreographer  Eli
vander Rijn  
Costume Designer  Sinead Chang  
Set Designer  Kyle McCracken  
Hair and Makeup  Kelly Moroney 
Direction Mentee  Carly Wang  
Board Operator  Elaine Wan  
Assistant Stage Manager  Hannah Bailey  
Sound Designer  Alex Levy

Spring Awakening

Spring 2017