Director: Naomi Shanson

Stage Manager: Syl Tavernise

Assistant Director: Kevin Sun

Costume Designer: Eliana Peretz

Asst Stage Mgr: Trishia Ratham Dedhia

Lighting Designer: Naomi Shanson

Sound Designer: Syl Tavernise

Asst Costume: Trishla Ratham Dedhia 

Asst Lighting: Olivier Plamondon

Lighting Board: Annie Wu

Sound Board: Val Zvinyatskovsky

Photography: Alex Forrester and

Quinn Carbery


Tom, Reporter and Others:     Kyle Barber

Sob Sister, Mrs. Fryer

     and Others:                   Olivia Colace

Katheryn Schaub and Others:Naomi Eason

Grace Fryer:                       Roni Gal-Oz

Lee and Others:                   Josh Gefken

Arthur Roeder:                    Derron Mendel

Markley and Others:            Cameron Meyers

Diane Roeder and Others:       Aishy Panwar‚Äč

Irene Rudolph, Katherine Wiley

      and Others:                      Jamie Penilla