The Choreographer will be responsible for choreographing all necessary musical numbers. They will work closely with the director and will be expected to attend all necessary rehearsals and tech.

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The Lighting Designer will begin their process with production meetings and a designer run through. They will then be responsible during tech for programming all cues, refocusing all lights necessary for the design, and training the light board operator. They will return for strike to refocus any lights that were moved from their original position.

The Artistic Director is responsible for selecting and staffing the 2023-2024 Upstage season as well as mentoring the production teams through the process and assisting with any trouble shooting.  Additional responsibilities include assisting with fund raising, budgeting, and interfacing with MVCPA and the Mt. View Performing Arts Committee.

The Stage Manager is responsible for tracking all aspects of the production from props to light and sound cues to set and costume changes. They will be present for all rehearsals, production meetings, tech, and performances, and they will be responsible for calling the show.

The Sound Designer will begin their process with production meetings and a designer run through. They will then be responsible during tech for programming all sound cues and training the soundboard operator. 

**NEW** Upstage is introducing an Associate Artistic Director position! This position provides an opportunity to those interested in learning and participating in all aspects of artistic direction, including season selection, staffing, production management, communication with the MVCPA, and more. The AAD will work with the artistic director on all aforementioned responsibilities and receive comprehensive training in the responsibilities of an artistic director.


2023-2024 Season

​​Applications are due by June 4, 2023

Our season consists of three productions (generally two plays and a musical)

Dates are:  Fall Show October 20-22, 2023

Winter Show   March 15-17, 2024

Spring Musical   May 17-19, 2024

​Stage Crew

Join us backstage and work on our stage crew or as a board operator in the booth!   Email​


The Social Media Manager will be responsible for generating social media content and postings for the 2022-2023 Upstage season.  This will include promotion of all productions, fund raising efforts and other general Upstage public communication.

Directors pitch a show of their chosing and then produce it with the support of Upstage. The Director is responsible for overseeing all of the creative aspects of their production. 

The Vocal Director is responsible for teaching all actors their vocal parts in the Spring Musical. They are expected to attend all vocal rehearsals and any necessary additional rehearsals and tech.

The Set Designer will work with the director to develop a vision for the show. They will design and construct the set for the production with assistance from Upstage mentors.

The Costume Designer will design costumes for each character and build or buy costumes for the show. They will work with the director and designers to create a concept for the production.